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Agent Check: Vault


This check monitors Vault cluster health and leader changes.


Find below instructions to install and configure the check when running the Agent on a host. See the Autodiscovery Integration Templates documentation to learn how to apply those instructions to a containerized environment.


The Vault check is included in the Datadog Agent package. No additional installation is needed on your server.


  1. Edit the vault.d/conf.yaml file, in the conf.d/ folder at the root of your Agent's configuration directory to start collecting your vault performance data. See the sample vault.d/conf.yaml for all available configuration options.

  2. Restart the Agent.


Run the Agent's status subcommand and look for vault under the Checks section.

Data Collected


See metadata.csv for a list of metrics provided by this integration.


vault.leader_change: This event fires when the cluster leader changes.

Service Checks

vault.can_connect: Returns CRITICAL if the Agent cannot connect to Vault, otherwise OK.

vault.unsealed: Returns CRITICAL if Vault is sealed, otherwise OK.

vault.initialized: Returns CRITICAL if Vault is not yet initialized, otherwise OK.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.

Further Reading

Additional helpful documentation, links, and articles:

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