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@truthbk truthbk released this Mar 14, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release


  • [BUGFIX] RHEL: fix faulty check prompting agent reinstalls. See #412 (Thanks @jcarr-sailthru)
  • [BUGFIX] MySQL: fix broken parameters to manifest. See #411


@truthbk truthbk released this Mar 6, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release


  • [FEATURE] Kafka: support multiple instances. See #404
  • [FEATURE] Consul: add network latency check support. See #394 (Thanks @Aramack)
  • [BUGFIX] Stdlib: fix deprecations after stdlib 4.24.0. See #403 and #404 (Thanks @teintuc)
  • [BUGFIX] RHEL: stop specifying service resource provider redhat. See #401 (Thanks @milescrabill)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add types to multiple manifest parameters. See #404
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Drop puppetlabs-apt dependency lower bound to 2.4.0. See #404 and #400 (Thanks @samueljamesmarshall)


@truthbk truthbk released this Feb 28, 2018 · 13 commits to master since this release


  • [BUGFIX] RHEL: fix bad default agent6 repo url. See #397


@truthbk truthbk released this Feb 28, 2018 · 15 commits to master since this release


This release is a mejor release, there are a some breaking changes. We have
tried to keep the interface as similar as possible to what the community
was already used to, but have had to make some changes and cleaned up some
of the interfaces to some classes. Most notably the main datadog_agent
class, and the datadog_agent::ubuntu and datadog_agent::redhat.

Most checks manifest should remain backward compatible.

Please note this new release will install datadog agent version 6.x by default.

Finally, deprecated modules and support for EOL'd puppets has been dropped
so if you're running a puppet server <= 4.5.x or PE <= 2016.4.x although
the module might work for some versions, it has not been tested in those

Please read the docs for more details.


  • [MAJOR] Datadog agent defaults to 6.x. Puppet >=4.6. See #387 and docs
  • [FEATURE] Postgresl: adding SSL parameter support. See #391 (thanks @com6056)
  • [FEATURE] Docker_daemon: parametrize integration. See #378 (thanks @flyinprogrammer)
  • [FEATURE] Kafka: added support for multiple instances. See #343, #395 (thanks @jensendw)
  • [BUGFIX] Tomcat: fix broken metrics yaml. See #390 (thanks @oshmyrko)
  • [BUGFIX] Agent6: fix Agent6 beta fact. See #384 (thanks @scottgeary)
  • [CI] APM: fix APM spec tests. See #389
  • [CI] APM: do not apply footer if empty string. See #381 (thanks @rothgar)


@truthbk truthbk released this Dec 28, 2017 · 38 commits to master since this release


  • [BUGFIX] agent6: fix generated YAML. See #379


@truthbk truthbk released this Dec 28, 2017 · 41 commits to master since this release


  • [FEATURE] agent6 beta support. See #356
  • [FEATURE] directory integration. See #357 (thanks @alexfouche)
  • [FEATURE] linux_proc_extras integration. See #357 (thanks @alexfouche)
  • [FEATURE] kafka integration. See #357 (thanks @alexfouche)
  • [FEATURE] kubernetes integration. See #369 (thanks @lowkeyshift)
  • [FEATURE] kuberentes_state integration. See #369 (thanks @lowkeyshift)
  • [FEATURE] network integration. See #346 (thanks @jameynelson)
  • [FEATURE] system core integration. See #359 (thanks @Dan70402)
  • [FEATURE] support for process_agent. See #352 (thanks @jfrost)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] better support for puppet 4, 5. See #362 and #370 (thanks @bittner)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] explicit puppet 5 support + fixes. See #377
  • [IMPROVEMENT] pgbouncer: support multiple instances. See #361 (thanks @ajvb)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] general cleanup. See #357 and #376 (thanks @alexfouche)
  • [BUGFIX] agent6: fix downgrade back to agent5 if on latest version. See #375
  • [BUGFIX] apt: only grep for last 8 characters to verify key. See #373 and #374 (thanks @szponek)
  • [DOCUMENTATION] fix tagging documentation. See #347 (thanks @bit-herder)


@truthbk truthbk released this Jul 27, 2017 · 93 commits to master since this release


  • [FEATURE] Postfix Added integration. See #323 (Thanks @npaufler)
  • [FEATURE] Twemproxy: Added integration. See #326 (Thanks @swwolf)
  • [FEATURE] HAproxy: Added integration. See #326 (Thanks @swwolf)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Memcache: Add multi-instance support for memcache. See #318 (Thanks @npaufler)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Elasticsearch: Add support for multiple instances. See #333 (Thanks @stantona)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Mongodb: support collection metrics per collection. See #335 (Thanks @jensendw)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Redis: Allow command_stats. See #327 (Thanks @IanCrouch)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Ceph: Add parameters to integration. See #322 Thanks @stamak)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Ubuntu: apt make repository configurable. See #340
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Ubuntu: use full key ID when adding GPG keys. See #329 (Thanks @pid1)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Dd-agent: Change owner/group of /etc/dd-agent. See #325 (Thanks @ColinHebert)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Docker_daemon: remove spaces that break resulting yaml. See #336 (Thanks @ckolos)
  • [BUGFIX] Dd-agent: add extra_template back. See #331 (Thanks @flyinprogrammer)
  • [BUGFIX] Dd-agent: Don't fail if there is no value in hiera. See #334 (Thanks @mtougeron)
  • [BUGFIX] Core: Addressing metaparam override in datadog_agent::tag. See #338 (Thanks @craigwatson)
  • [BUGFIX] RHEL/CentOS: fix chatty behavior. See #341
  • [BUGFIX] Dd-agent: ensured etc/dd-agent is directory. See #332 (Thanks @butangero)
  • [SANITY] Metadata: set correct apache license ID.


@truthbk truthbk released this Apr 21, 2017 · 116 commits to master since this release


  • [FEATURE] Ceph: Adding integration. See #293. (Thanks @stamak)
  • [FEATURE] Tcp_check: Adding integration. See #286. (Thanks @aepod)
  • [FEATURE] Trace_agent: Configure APM trace agent. See #302 and #311. (Thanks @DDRBoxman)
  • [FEATURE] Allow hiera defined integrations. See #261. (Thanks @cwood)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Make tags their own resource. See #261. (Thanks @cwood)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Support ports as integers. See #315. (Thanks @alexharv074)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] PHPfpm: Support for multiple instances and http_host. See #299 (Thanks @obi11235)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] RabbitMQ: Adding additional configuration parameters. See #288 (Thanks @alvin-huang)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Http_check: Adding response_status_code. See #290. (Thanks @dzinek)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Http_check: Adding no_proxy configuration option. See #309.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Service_discovery: Adding jmx checks for SD. See #296. (Thanks @alvin-huang)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Reporting: Fix already initialized warning. See #292 and #310. (Thanks @craigwatson)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Reporting: Send metrics for hosts as a batch, reducing overhead. See #313. (Thanks @tdm4)
  • [DEPRECATE] Http_check: Slowly deprecate skip_event. See #291. (Thanks @flyinprogrammer)
  • [DOCUMENTATION] Cleanup EC2-related parameter docs. See #252. (Thanks @jdavisp3)
  • [DOCUMENTATION] Zookeeper: fix comment to match reality. See #297. (Thanks @generica)


@truthbk truthbk released this Dec 20, 2016 · 138 commits to master since this release


  • [BUGFIX] [rpm] fix key rotation for RPMs - install legacy key as well. See #283. (Thanks @aepod).
  • [BUGFIX] Reporting: allow the report processor to run on Puppet Enterprise. See #266. (Thanks @binford2k).
  • [BUGFIX] RHEL/CentOS: Fix gpg and test binary paths. See #259. (Thanks @sethcleveland).
  • [BUGFIX] NTP: fix template. See #280. (Thanks @MartinDelta).
  • [BUGFIX] Multiple integrations: swapped order of optional vs. non-optional parameters. See #232. (Thanks @sethcleveland).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] [rpm+deb] repo keys rotated. See #242.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] MySQL: Allow multiple MySQL instances See #267. (Thanks @IanCrouch).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Http check: allow_redirects + check_certificate_expiration improvement. See #282. (Thanks @cristianjuve).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Http_check: update to include new attributes. See #276. (Thanks @aepod).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Http_check: set disable_ssl_validation parameter. See #258.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Postgres: support generic postgres custom metrics. See #224. (Thanks @sethcleveland).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Postgres: support use_pscopg2 flag for postgres integrations. See #243. (Thanks @sethcleveland).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Cassandra: support cassandra integration tags. See #256. (Thanks @sethcleveland).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] HAProxy: support multiple instances. See #279. (Thanks @swwolf).
  • [FEATURE] Service Discovery: Allow Service Discovery configuration See #281. (Thanks @scottgeary).
  • [FEATURE] Disk integration. See #263. (Thanks @denmat).
  • [FEATURE] Cacti integration. See #247. (Thanks @sambanks).
  • [FEATURE] JMX integration. See #231. (Thanks @rooprob).
  • [FEATURE] Generic define to enable new integrations. See #233. (Thanks @cwood)
  • [CI] Multiple fixes related to the spec tests on older puppets.
  • [CI] Consul: adding spec tests. See #264. (Thanks @flyinprogrammer).


@truthbk truthbk released this Aug 16, 2016 · 196 commits to master since this release


  • [BUGFIX] Updating Changelog and README.