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DataDuck ETL is a straightforward, effective extract-transform-load framework for data warehousing. If you want to set up a data warehouse, DataDuck ETL makes it simple and straightforward to do.

Getting Started

Getting started with DataDuck ETL takes just a few minutes. For instructions, read the getting started page.

Why Use a Data Warehouse

If you already have your data in your main database, and probably use a web analytics product like Google Analytics, you may be wondering why you'd want a data warehouse anyway.

There's many advantages to using a data warehouse, including:

  • integrating multiple data sources so you can analyze them together
  • helping to ensure data quality by cleaning up the data and running data quality checks
  • having a single source of truth that the entire company trusts
  • connecting business intelligence products for reports and dashboards
  • using the data warehouse to build models, which may get incorporated back in the product, or used for predictions and company decision making
  • performance optimizations so your queries run fast
  • ensuring sensitive data doesn't end up in reports, by not passing it to the data warehouse (encrypted passwords, salts, etc have no practical analytics value, so they are not ETLed)