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Create a REST API backed by Google Sheets
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Create an API backed by Google Sheets

Use this repo to create a quick-and-dirty API that will store data in Google Sheets.


First clone and install

git clone && cd sheets-api
npm install
npm install -g datafire


Use datafire authenticate to add your credentials. See below for instructions on getting your Google Sheets credentials

datafire authenticate google_sheets --alias sheetsOwner

Create a new sheet

You can manually create a new sheet at, or run this command, replacing "Pet Store" with your title

datafire run google_sheets/spreadsheets.create \ "Pet Store" \
  --accounts.google_sheets sheetsOwner

# spreadsheetId: abcd
# properties:
#   title: Pet Store
# ...

Copy spreadsheetId from the response (or the URL) and paste it into spreadsheet.js: = "abcd";


Start the server with datafire serve:

datafire serve --port 3000 &

View pets

# Get the first 10 results
curl http://localhost:3000/pets

# Get the second page
curl http://localhost:3000/pets?page=2

# Get pet #12
curl http://localhost:3000/pets/12

Add a pet

curl -X POST -d '{"name": "Lucy", "age": 2}' \

Stop the server

kill $!

Modify the API

The field names and validation info are all in spreadsheet.js. You can modify that file to change the API.

You can also change the URL from /pets to something new by editing DataFire.yml.

Creating a Google Sheets client

To register a Google Sheets client, visit

  • click "Enable API"
  • click "Credentials"
  • click "Create Credentials" -> "OAuth Client ID"
  • Choose "web application"
  • add http://localhost:3000 as an "Authorized redirect URI"
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