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DataHack Projects List

A list of a small part of the projects created at the yearly iterations of DataHack and related resources.

DataHack is the first data-driven hackathon in Israel, designed to bring together the Israeli data community. You can find more information at:

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and join our monthly newsletter.

DataHack 2015

Facebook event page:

ZOLIS - Event Social Dashboard 📶

Team Name: ZOLIS

Team Members: Tom Hope, Hezi Resheff, Itay Lieder

Project: Event Social Dashboard

Description: A social media dashboard for eventa based on Facebook and LinkedIn data.


VIZWAY - Car accidents density 🚗

Team Name: VIZWAY

Team Members: Idit Minka, Inbal Levi, Dan Ofer, Amos Sidelnik, Daniel Hershcovich

Project: Car accidents density

Description: A website presenting accidents density according to cities is israel


The Hippos - The Poetry Urban Map 🦏

Team Name: The Hippos

Team Members: Yuval Naveh, Eric Feldman, Jenia Makrinich, Gur Ronen

Project: The Poetry Urban Map


Tacbak - Talkbacks based news insights 🗯

Team Name: Tacbak

Team Members: Eyal Hariri, Yoav Ben-Yehoshua, Yonatan Nuriel, Alon kenneth

Project: Talkbacks based news insights


StraightWalk - Parkinson patients gait 🚶‍

Team Name: StraightWalk

Team Members: Chaim Cohen

Project: Parkinson patients gait


DataHack 2016

Facebook event page: Meetup event page:

The Seffis - Ensemble models approach for cab ride duration prediction [Final's Challenge] 🚖

Team Name: The Seffis

Project Name: Ensemble models approach for cab ride duration prediction


The Sea Snails - Using graph-based features to predict ship type [Windward's Challenge]

Team Name: The Sea Snails

Project Name: Using graph-based features to predict ship type


SimPhony - Data Driven Video Creation: Automatic Simpsons Episodes 🎬

Team Name: SimPhony

Project Name: Data Driven Video Creation: Automatic Simpsons Episodes


DataHack 2017

Facebook event page: Meetup event page:

MAGMA: Machine bAsed General Movements Assessment 💻🙅‍

Team Name: MAGMA

Project Name: MAGMA: Machine bAsed General Movements Assessment

Description: Automizing the General Movements Assessment (GMA) process to achieve machince-based diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy (CP).


Sytos - Wikipedia word disambiguation [SparkBeyond's Challenge] 📚

Team Name: N Na Nam Name

Team Members:

Project: Wikipedia word disambiguation - Given an ambiguous term and a context sentence – predict the correct Wikipedia page URL that best fits both


Solving MCQ - Novel Multiple Choice Question Solver 📝

Team Name: 2B

Team Members:

Project: Novel Multiple Choice Question Solver


AgriTech - Peeling The Onion’s DNA 🔬🍅

Team Name: Agritech

Team Members:

Project: Peeling the onion’s DNA - identify (from the DNA) which of the hybrids is the product of the desired cross.


Politically Correct - A step towards our first AI President 👨‍⚖

Team Name: Politically Correct

Team Members: Dor Peretz, Tal Peretz, David Lymkis, Ran Shamay, Panorays

Project: Deep Politics - create the perfect AI to be the next president


Smelo - Sports Ranking Improved 💯

Team Name: Smelo

Team Members:

Project: Smelo - Predicting player-to-player match results.


PicMe - PicMe for a great Pic with Me [OrCam's Challence] 📷

Team Name: PicMe

Team Members: Yarden Matok, Yonatan Nuriel, Ariel Nuriel

Project: Identify the owner of the album through the album’s pictures and the picture’s metadata.


DYNO - Reddit Upvotes Predictor

Team Name: DYNO

Team Members:

Project: Predicting the level of upvotes of reddit post based on their title and text


DreamTeam - Knesset Members' FB Posts Analytics 📱🔷

Team Name: DreamTeam

Team Members: Hagay Goldman, Michael Shparber

Project: Using advanced technologies (NLP, Machine Learning) we’ve built an accessible Dashboard that allows the public to easily analyze the data with smart insights and compare Political Parties and Knesset Members opinions on social issues.


DataHack 2019

DataHack 2019 - Main Track

VideoThat 🥈 - Automagically generate video clip for your input audio

Team Name: VideoThat

Team Members: Yael Daihes, Yaara Arkin, Orian Sharoni, Roee Shenberg, Dalya Gartzman


Geologic - Earthquake Prediction 🌍💥

Team Name: Geologic

Team Members: Ittay Alfassi + ?

Project: Earthquake Prediction

Lupus - Diagnosing ER Patients & Predicting Hospitalization

Team Name: Lupus

Team Members: Doron Bartov, Gilad Barkan, Ohad Bruker, Shelly Soffer, Zion Badash

Project: Diagnosing ER Patiend & Predicting Hospitalization

Description: Diagnosing ER Patiend & predicting hospitalization using ER data from Sheba through our cooperation with ARC Innovation Center at Sheba, led by our Doctor and team member Shelly Soffer.


ASI - Automatic Sign-In

Team Name: ASI

Team Members: Tal Yitzhak, Matan Shemer

Project: Categorizing key elements in login pages

Description: In order to automate login procedure we need to identify the key elements required for login, for example: username, passwrd and submit button. When . If we can identify those parameters automatically for most login pages, we can login automatically to most institutions.

Repository: Internal corporate repository

Ameniteam - Code Search Engine & Auto Comment Generation

Team Name: Ameniteam

Team Members: Moshe Hazoom

Project: Auto Comment Generation & Code Search Engine

Description: Have you ever dreamed about an AI that could understand a code snippet and tells you what it does? Auto comment generation & Code Search Engine based on Python StackOverFlow questions focusing on Data Science and Data Structures.


OrCam's Challenge

Deep Time

Members: Eli Simhayev + four mystery members

Armis' Challenge

Second Place

Lightricks' Challenge

Loss Pollos Hermanos

Team Name: Loss Pollos Hermanos

Team Members: Ariel Amar, Dean Peretz,Ruthi Taboada, Tal Makdoshi Project: Saliency Style Transfer

Description: Saliency Style Transfer

Links:'s Challenge


A list of projects created at the yearly iterations of DataHack, and related resources.



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