An analysis of school shootings in the USA
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School Shootings

The purpose of this project is to investigate the subject of school shootings in the USA as objectively as possible. What is the data telling us? More importantly: where is that data coming from? What biases does it contain? What has been included? What has been omitted? Who has made these decisions?

List of school shootings in the United States

Every day our bot scrapes the contents of this wiki article:

The corresponding CSV file in the /data/ folder is updated automatically.

This data currently includes 477 incidents. The most recent incident included in this data occurred on March 20, 2018 in Great Mills, Maryland.

Additional data

This analysis also includes the following data:


Score of state gun control efforts given as a letter grade. Data collected on March 4, 2018 from:


Homicide rate by state per 100,000 population (2016). Data collected on March 5, 2018 from:


Total population of each state (2017 estimate). Data collected on March 5, 2018 from:

Our analysis

Our original analysis can be found on our website here:

If you encounter any errors with this repo please contact so we can correct the issue immediately. All contents of this repo are licensed under the MIT License. We invite you to build upon our work, or contribute to this project directly.

Any journalists working on the subject of school shootings can contact for additional assistance.