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Password Vault is a one table SQL Server project for storing my passwords to different sites and servers. This project is good for Tutorials having only one table, but it works ok as I have password overload managing so many accounts.
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Password Vault is a very simple Windows Form C# / SQL Server project.

Password Vault is a one table SQL Server C# application, which is good for demo purposes.

Thanks to NuGet I can build a complete C# / SQL Server app in about 15 minutes in a video, including the 4:15 seconds to setup DataTier.Net.

I will post the YouTube video here once finished.

To run password vault:

  1. Create a new SQL Server database and read the instructions in the read me.txt file located in the SQL folder.

  2. Set your connection string in PasswordVault\PasswordVault\PasswordVault\App.config Tip: Use the Connection String Builder which is included with DataTier.Net

  3. Run Password Vault. If you can add new Site / Password combinations your database and connectionstring is setup.

To run the tutorial

Watch this video (video URL coming soon)


Text instructions coming soon.

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