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Survey of DataKind UK community on responsible data use
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Data science and society - final survey questions.pdf


Survey of DataKind UK community on responsible data use

At the beginning of 2019, we surveyed members of the DataKind UK community on their attitudes towards the responsible use of data science and AI. We uncovered a range of differing views and levels of optimism from DataKinders.

Asking people to list the words they associated with ‘Ethics in Data Science and AI’ elicited responses from misuse, intrusion, bias, prejudice, ambiguity, failure, misunderstood, buzzwords, and frustrating, through to fairness, accountability, transparency, wellbeing, respect, honesty, urgent, and essential.

So what has us feeling positive about the opportunities AI can uncover, and what has us running scared? Use the data set in this rep to see for yourself!

This survey was circulated to DataKind UK’s community members through one newsletter sent to DataKind UK's mailing list of approx 3k and survey reminders for completion in the UK Slack community (at the time was 280 members) between December 2018 and January 2019. 131 responses were provided, of which 99 were fully completed survey responses.

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