Python toolkit for SHIELD-HIT12A and FLUKA
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pymchelper is a toolkit for manipulating output and input files of particle transport codes, such as FLUKA and SHIELD-HIT12A. It provides a command line program, called convertmc which simplifies process of converting binary output files to graphs, tabulated plain data files (which can be open by MS Excel) and other formats. Toolkit can also serve as a library in Python language, which can be used by programmers and data scientists to read data from binary files into convenient Python objects. This allows further data processing using other Python tools and libraries.

pymchelper works under Linux, Windows and Mac OSX operating systems (interpreter of Python programming language has to be also installed). No programming knowledge is required from user, but basic skills in working with terminal console are needed.


Full PyTRiP documentation can be found here:

See Getting Started for installation and basic information, and the User's Guide for an overview of how to use the project.