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DataONE is a grass-roots, community-maintained federation of data repositories that strives for interoperability and open data access.

This repository provides a general place for DataONE Discussion and Issue tracking across all of our products and services.

💬 Discussions

We use GitHub Discussions for any questions, idea sharing, and community discussion around issues of relevance to DataONE. Head on over and contribute to the conversation.

Issue Tracking

We use GitHub Issues to track new feature requests, bug reports, and issues with DataONE products and services. Whether you have a new search filter to request for our DataONE Data Search or want to report a problem with our Metrics service, you can do so here. While each product and service have their own repositories as well, this centralized issue tracker provides a convenient place to report any issues for any DataONE product or service. Thanks for your contributions!


  1. dataone Public

    DataONE information and general-purpose issue tracking


  2. Ideas and topics for DataONE Community Calls

    2 1

  3. rdataone Public

    R package for reading and writing data at DataONE data repositories

    R 31 18

  4. d1_python Public

    Python components for DataONE clients and servers

    Python 13 6

  5. hub_lessons Public archive

    Template and content for the DataONE lessons

    HTML 8 19


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