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DataONE Community Calls

DataONE holds a DataONE community call approximately monthly to discuss issues and topics of relevance to the DataONE network. These are open for anyone to attend and help promote shared approaches to research data management centered on DataONE as a global data sharing network. Topics focus on issues that are central to data preservation and resuse for repositories, researchers, and others engaged in research data management. This repository is used to gather input and ideas for topics for these community calls. Community Calls are 1 hour long, typically include a short presentation or two to set the stage for discussion, and then focus on discussion for the remainder of the call. Topics focus on issues of importance to the DataONE network of repositories from both a repository perspective and a researcher perspective.

What are your ideas for a DataONE Community Call?

We ask for your ideas for DataONE Community Call topics and speakers, as well as your feedback on how to refine a topic to be most useful to the community, and votes on which of the proposed topics should be prioritized for upcoming calls. Topics might focus on issues such as onboarding new repositories into the network, data discovery and access features from the DataONE Search system, and interoperability issues that span repositories and researchers. We're open to many topics and ideas that are relevant to growing and maintaining the DataONE community and our collective tools and services.

How to contribute your ideas

We’ve opened an issue in this repository for each topic we’re considering. Please provide your input on these by adding comments to the issue that refine and expand the topic, suggest speakers or resources, or take the discussion in a new direction. We welcome participation and civil conversations that adhere to our Code of Conduct.

  • Show your interest in a topic with a 👍🏼🎉🚀👎🏼😕
  • Add to an existing idea: propose speakers, resources, what else should we cover
  • Suggest a new topic by opening a new issue
  • Encourage others to weigh in by sharing the link to your favorite topic

As the topic suggestions mature, we will label issues with 0/idea, 1/working on it, 2/approved, 3/completed, and we will use these labels to find topics that are ready for each month's call. Thank you for your input.


We were inspired by the excellent ROpenSci Community Call approach and have modeled our approach to gathering ideas based on their successful model, and have borrowed extensively from their community call documentation. Thank you ROpenSci!


Ideas and topics for DataONE Community Calls


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