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# Version 2.1.1
## Bug Fixes
* Resolve temporary directory problem on Windows (#204)
* Fixed broken links in the 'dataone-overview' vignette (#205)
* Declare 'xml2' package to resolve CRAN build errors (#218)
## New Features and functions
* Added a destination file path argument to getPackage() (#211)
* downloadObject() provides an easy way to download files from DataONE to disk (#217)
# Version 2.1.0
## Bug Fixes
* Fixed bug where query() was incorrectly converting date results (#174)
* Fixed bug where query() was returning incorrect results for multi-valued Solr fields (#179)
* Fixed bug where createObject() was not uploading in-memory objects correctly (#198)
## New Features and functions
* Updated methods to aid in downloading, editing and updating packages in DataONE (#175)
* Added getMetadataMember() to identify the metadata object for a DataPackage (#175)
* Updated getPackage() to accept pids for data or metadata object (#178)
* The resource map for a package now sets the default name (sysmeta.fileName) based on the metadata pid (#195)
# Version 2.0.2
## Bug Fixes
* Fixed a problem where the unit tests were failing due to an incompatibility with
testthat 1.0.2. All unit tests are now passing with testthat 1.0.2. (#171)
* uploadDataPackage() now uses the @cn slot to set the value for
the default resolveURI (#170)
* All methods that send a PID to DataONE now property URLencode
the PID. (#163)
# Version 2.0.1
## Bug Fixes
* The unit tests were dependent on unstable development machines
and would fail if these machines were not available, not configured
correctly, or did not contain expected content. This dependency has been
# Version 2.0.0
## New features and functions
* Complete rewrite of the package, eliminating all dependencies on Java
* Support for the DataONE v2 API, as well as the existing v1 API
* DataONE authentication tokens are supported for any DataONE node
that has implemented the DataONE v2 API (
Tokens are supported in both the production and test environments.
* Class CNode - provides methods to search, get and send data to a DataONE Coordinating Node
* Class MNode - provides methods to search, get and send data to a DataONE Member Node
* Class D1Client - provides a higher level methods to interact with DataONE
Coordinating Nodes and Member Nodes
* Class AuthenticationManager - provides methods to obtain information about
DataONE authentication tokens or certificates