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Code Arduino pour microcontroleur Digispark (ATTiny85)

Flash the firmware

  • Add the Digispark Arduino repository :
  • Add the Digispark Arduino extension with the board manager
  • Flash the firmware
  • Set board type to : Digispark (16 Mhz - No USB)
  • Clic onto "UPLOAD" before to plug the Digispark to your USB port

Connect the circut

  • The mic OUTPUT ins connect to P2
  • The LED data pin is connect to P4
  • The 3.3V Lipo Battery is pluged directly to 5V NOT Vin


Material Quantity Price
WS2812 white 4m 60 ip30 20 LEDs - 33cm 6,46€
Digispark ATTINY85 1 0,97€
Lithium Polymer 3.7 V 1100 mA 1 3,50€
Chargeur Module 1 0,61€
Microphone électret 1 0,97€
TOTAL 12,51€