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Data Quality Committee Meeting - November 12, 2019

Chairman Welcome/Introductions

Approval of Minutes

Review of Updates to Version 10 DQC Rules

  • DQC_0001 Axis with Inappropriate Members: Fixed bug that excluded RegionalCarrierMember, MainlineMember from ProductOrServiceAxis
  • DQC_0015 Negative Values: Removed FederalHomeLoanBankAdvancesInterestRate
  • DQC_0080 Negative Values (IFRS only): Removed:
    • ExpenseFromSharebasedPaymentTransactionsInWhichGoodsOrServicesReceivedDidNotQualifyForRecognitionAsAssets
    • RiskExposureAssociatedWithInstrumentsSharingCharacteristic
    • ExpenseFromCashsettledSharebasedPaymentTransactionsInWhichGoodsOrServicesReceivedDidNotQualifyForRecognitionAsAssets
    • ExpenseFromEquitysettledSharebasedPaymentTransactionsInWhichGoodsOrServicesReceivedDidNotQualifyForRecognitionAsAssets

Review and Approval of Version 11 DQC Rules for Public Review

Other Business/Future Meetings

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