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Using DQC Rules with Arelle - from the GUI

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Initial setup for the DQC Rules xule plugin

  • Open the Arelle program.
  • Choose the "Help" menu and select "Manage plug-ins" to verify the "DQC Rules Validator" is listed.
  • If DQC Rules Validator is not listed:
    • Use the "Select" button to bring up teh "Select Plug-in Module" dialog.
    • Select the the "" file (under "Validate"). Next to the file, the name will appear as "DQC Rules Validator". Click on "Ok".
    • The "Select Plug-in Module" will close. On the "Plug-in Manager" dialog click on "Close".
    • When the dialogue box appears requesting a program restart, choose "Yes".
  • Choose the "Tools" menu and "Validation" and confirm there is a check mark for "DQC Rules". If not, select this item from the menu.

Checking a filing with DQC Rules

  • Choose the "File" menu and either "Open file" or "Open Web" to select an XBRL .zip file from local computer or SEC EDGAR system.
  • Select the .xml file (instance document) from the view of the contents of the .zip.
  • After the instance has rendered in Arelle, choose the "Tools" >> "Validation" menu and select "Validate".
  • Monitor the "messages" window at the bottom of Arelle, to see [DQC] Starting DQC validation - xxx.xml appears.
  • After the message [DQC] Finished DQC validation - xxx.xml appears, review any error messages. The results can be saved by selecting the messages window (right-click on a Windows PC) and choosing "Save to file".

See also from a command prompt for advanced configuration options.

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