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This release expands functionality within several existing rules and can be used with Arelle's graphic user interface (GUI) to check for issues using the latest-approved rules.

Release 6 summary:

  • accommodating SEC Filers using SEC-approved and supported IFRS Taxonomies
  • updating rules to reflect changes introduced by the 2018 US GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy and the SEC Reporting Taxonomy
  • embedding official SEC taxonomies in ruleset .zip files to simplify offline processing
  • updating and fixing previously approved rules
  • adding ruleset map management functionality
  • adding support for 2018 IFRS Taxonomy

Release change logs:

Using DQC Rules with Arelle's GUI:

  1. download and extract the contents of the .zip or tar.gz above to your computer
  2. copy the xule folder/files to the corresponding Arelle/plugin folder on your computer
  3. initialize the plugin in Arelle and confirm the DQC version is 3.0.22495 or higher
  4. validate filings with the approved DQC Rules; as of this release, users can check change ruleset map options from the Tools >> DQC menu of Arelle's GUI

Command line users: refer to 'Updating the ruleset map for future releases of DQC rule' on Managing Rulesets for instructions.

The DQC plugin is written in python-based syntax (called xule) using the open source version of the SEC's EDGAR Renderer/Previewer - Arelle as an XBRL processor on a local computer or server. The DQC plugin reads a specified ruleset and the assertions defined in the ruleset are evaluated against an XBRL instance, a taxonomy or an extension taxonomy, creating validation messages.

The new and revised rules in this release were available for comment through May 7, 2018.
The effective date for this release is filings submitted after June 29, 2018.

The test archive is not distributed with the release archive - use this link to download test cases and documentation. Review Travis CI results of test cases for this release