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* Update lower case issue for IFRS 80

* Updated zip files to fix nonneg problem identified by Shelly

* Updated Release 8 rules for IFRS Changes

Centralized functions for IFRS in a central functions library to eliminate duplication

Updated test case for Aruco

Updated resource files to point to version 8

Recomplied rule files

Refactored functions to eliminate any constants from the functions.

Aligned functions with US rule functions.

* Refactored Rules to remove duplicate functions across all rules

Updated functions to a shared library
Refactored functions to be consistent across all rule sets
Removed any constants in a function
Created a central version constant called version.xule

* Recompiled IFRS files

* Updated rule 67 to sort list of elements in 606

ALso ensures that will not remove unique facts.

* Delete vsm-2018.xml

* Updated to support proposed rules

* Updated ford for rule 67 change and removed accidental run.

* Fixed Typo in message for Rule DQC.US.0001.70

* Updated V8 zip files

* Update DQC.US.0001.70_glla-2017.xml
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