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AI bootcamp 2019 materials.
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Friday 22 November 2019- Real-world Application Enablers and Use cases
Monday 18 November 2019-AI Summit
Saturday 23 November 2019- Real world Application Enablers and Use cases
Thursday 21 November 2019-Theoretical Depth and Exploration
Tuesday 19 November 2019- Welcome Session
Wednesday 20 November 2019- Tools, Concepts and Frameworks

2019 DSN Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp

DSN logo AIBootcamp 2019

AIBootcamp is a six-day residential, all-expenses-paid Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp and Hackathon on emerging trends in machine learning and deep learning. It started on Tuesday, 19 November 2019 and ended on Saturday, 23 November 2019. The intent of the bootcamp and hackathon is to build world-class capacity in advanced data analytics, upskill financial inclusion data analysts and researchers in emerging best practices, and to support the development of contextually relevant algorithm and tech innovation.

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