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Social Knowledge Extractor


The Social Knowledge Extractor (SKE) is a software tool that allows to discover new entities using Twitter.

Installation Guide

From the source code


Setting up the application

Clone the repository:

git clone

Inside the SKE folder initialize a python environment

virtualenv ske-env

Activate it

source ske-env/bin/activate

The install the requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

Setting up the database

The information regarding Dandelion and Twitter are saved in the database.

Thus in order to start to use SKE you need to create in MongoDB a collection named application_keys with the documents

  "service" : "dandelion",
  "key_dandelion" : "",
  "app_id" : ""

  "service" : "twitter",
  "consumer_key" : "",
  "consumer_secret" : ""


To run SKE simply launch


Using Docker


While Docker set up the correct enviroment you still need a Dandelion account and a Twitter application in order to run you own istance of SKE.


Try the online version

A depolyed version of SKE is available online at here

A tutorial on how to effectively use it is available here