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Fix for Honeyd crash on lab machine

xp_print ends up being NULL in some cases, not sure why. This should probably
be looked into more in the future to make sure it's not breaking the ICMP
timestap reply capability.
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1 parent 61ec429 commit cef90da7ec3dd37b7afd43dc29df1fd60ec73c43 @PherricOxide PherricOxide committed
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  1. +5 −0 honeyd/honeyd.c
5 honeyd/honeyd.c
@@ -2713,6 +2713,11 @@ icmp_recv_cb(struct template *tmpl, u_char *pkt, u_short pktlen)
/* YM: Add ICMP Timestamp reply capability */
+ /* Sometimes xp_print can be null here... probably shouldn't be, this is just a quick fix */
+ if (xp_print == NULL)
+ return;
/* Happens only if xp_print != NULL */
if (xp_print->flags.icmp_timestamp_reply) {
icmp_tstamp = (struct icmp_msg_timestamp *)

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