Get the music from oceancolor images, from MODIS satellite
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Get the music from oceancolor images, through MODIS satellite


OceanSound requires an pyhdf instalation, to deal with HDF4 (HDF-EOS). Despite pyhdf is a deprecated package it still works, but you have to manualy install it.
Follow the steps here!

And finally to listen your data you can install OceanSound with pip.

pip install OceanSound


After installation, OceanSound program is enabled on your terminal. You should pass one of acceptable parameters and generate your music.

OceanSound --indir dir/where/are/*.hdf --outdir dir/to/save/output.midi

Our Project

OceanSound deals with Satellite MODIS chlorophyll, but if you are interested by extracting music from your data take a look at DataSounds and access the code!