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Query Cassandra using prepared statements and the Node.js DataStax Driver
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Prepared Statements in Node.js

This example shows the best practice of using prepared statements in the Node.js DataStax Driver to write and read data from a Cassandra database.

Contributor(s): Dave Bechberger


  • Learn how to use prepared statements in Node.js

Project Layout

  • app.js - The main application file, contains the example code for using prepared statements

How this Works

This example first creates a videos table in the examples keyspace.

Once this table is created the code runs an INSERT and SELECT CQL query using a prepared statement. To create a statement as a prepared statement in Node.js you use a command like:

client.execute(query, params, { prepare: true })

The critical part of that command is the third parameter { prepare: true }. Adding this parameter makes this a prepared statement. Prepared statements are beneficial for several reasons:

  • Prepared statements are parsed and stored on the Cassandra nodes which increase the performance of subsequent queries by preparing them once and executing them many times with bound parameters
  • Prepared statements allow for proper mapping of Javascript types to Cassandra types

Setup and Running


  • Node.Js version 8 ( download )
  • A Cassandra, DDAC, DSE cluster or Apollo database ( docker is a nice option for local install - see docs )

Note This application defaults to connecting to a cluster on localhost with a local data center of dc1. If this is not the case then you will need to change the following in app.js:

const client = new cassandra.Client({ contactPoints: [''], localDataCenter: 'dc1' });


To run this application use the following command:

node app.js

This will produce the following output:

Inserting Data Using a Prepared Statement
Selecting Data Using a Prepared Statement
Video Id: 1665ffe0-77eb-4047-8791-f043accda4dd, User Id: 98462781-327b-40dc-9036-91702afdeb77, Name: Test Movie, Description: Test Description
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