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Please prepend the sorter icon to <th> instead of appending #267

rulatir opened this Issue Jan 23, 2014 · 2 comments

2 participants

rulatir commented Jan 23, 2014

Please prepend the right-floated sorter icon to the headings instead of appending it. Appending causes the icon to fall to the next line when the <th> element does have white-space: nowrap. I know this is totally counter-intuitive but here's the fiddle:


Its a good point. Can't you just remove the float:right from the sorting icon though?

I'm a little reluctant to do it since it might break backwards compatibility and there might be an acceptable workaround.

rulatir commented Feb 5, 2014

If I don't float it to the right then it won't be aligned to the right :)

I moved it from :after to :before for my app and with a bit of CSS tweaking it looks OK.

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