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TableTools plugin is not compatible with Row grouping #283

hszcg opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I found the TableTools plugin is not compatible with Row grouping. I've tried to combine the following two examples together, and this is no action after i clicked the any button (csv/xls/pdf)... And this is no explicit error message found.

I suppose it could be caused by column spanning or whatever...

Would you please take a look on this?


Row grouping


Thanks for flagging this up. I can't look at this immediately due to other commitments, but I will try to make some time in the next few weeks to do so.


Thanks for your attention.

By the way, do you have any plan to rewrite the TableTools in Pure JS instead of Flash?


Yup - as soon as it is possible. See:


Hi, what is the status of this? i'm grouping my table but it doesn't group when i export to PDF.


The status is probably won't fix thinking about it again now. The reason being is that TableTools for the export loops over the data contained within the DataTable, but the row grouping is injected after the fact.

I think until DataTables supports true grouping, which I'm afraid is quite a while away as there are a number of other features I need to create before it, then this can't be implemented here. As such, I'm going to close this issue since it isn't a feature that can currently be implemented.

@DataTables DataTables closed this
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