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zba commented Jan 7, 2013

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This is a really interesting one - I must admit I'd never thought of using mData to assign the read data into object operates rather than as an array before. Good thinking - like it :-).

I'm not going to pull it in right now as I'm finishing up a contract job and my head isn't quite in the right place for DataTables development - but I fully plan to get back to it towards the end of the month for the 1.10 work. I'll be reviewing your pull request and pulling it in then. Leaving open until then.


zba commented Jan 7, 2013

Thanks, I just wanted to point dev team that I'm not sure that there is any real reason to split ajax processing and DOM processing to different parts, also check zba@4a6efbf that allow mRender to use collumn number , it is more dirty hack and incompatible with current master branch, but it is really usefull for me.

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