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benn0r commented Feb 20, 2013

That allows downloads of your datatable with composer


DataTables commented Feb 20, 2013

Composer is a PHP dependency manager, from its web-site. Does it work with Javascript as well? I must say, I'm inclined to not to pull this in, as there are already a number of file for dependency managers, bower, jQuery etc, in the DataTables repo and many more just main more maintenance.

Not that I don't support easy dependency management, but I can't just keep adding more files for the various package managers. Sorry.


benn0r commented Feb 20, 2013

I saw that twitter/bootstrap used it as well.

I personally use it to download the repository. After downloading I merge all the js files I need from various projects and minify them into one file.

Composer works even without this composer.json but it makes it a bit easier. It's okay for me, just close the request then if you like.

DataTables merged commit 25ded41 into DataTables:master Feb 20, 2013


DataTables commented Feb 20, 2013

Perhaps following suit of the package manager files that Bootstrap uses is a good idea. component.json, composer.json and package.json. I'll need to add a datatables.jquery.json file at some point soon as well...

dor666 commented Oct 16, 2013

Hi, there is still no package for composer?


DataTables commented Oct 17, 2013

See here: . Short answer, yes, there is - now :-)

dor666 commented Oct 17, 2013

@DataTables Great, thank you :}

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