Adding ability to have input, select, and a links in table header #229

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nitinag commented Sep 13, 2013

No description provided.


DataTables commented Sep 13, 2013

Thanks for this! I'll have a proper look at it when I get back to the office, hopefully some time next week.

@nitinag nitinag Improvements to user select behavior and sort target catching
"Starting with Firefox 21 none behaves like -moz-none"
Adding IE 10+ css for user select

nitinag commented Feb 28, 2014

Bump. Just checking on this pull request. I noticed the 1.10.0-beta is out and it'd be great if this small but very effective change (to allow for content in the header) was included in it.


DataTables commented Feb 28, 2014

Oops - sorry I forgot to take a look at this.

It does very much look like a sensible addition. I'm away form my main machine at the moment, so I can't look at this properly at the moment, but will next week (added to my todo list). I'm also over "budget" on the core library size for 1.10 already - desperately want to keep it to 75K and I've still got two other features to fit in. This unfortunately added more weight to the core code, so I'll only put it in if I can remove code somewhere else.


DataTables commented Mar 13, 2014

Sorry for the delay into looking into this.

I would suggest just using stopPropagation on the elements you don't want to trigger a sort. For example: .

DataTables closed this Mar 13, 2014

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