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This repository contains a collection of plug-ins for the jQuery [DataTables]( table enhancer. These plug-ins are feature enhancing for the DataTables library, adding extra options to core functionality such as additional sort algorithms, API methods and pagination controls. The plug-ins should not be confused with DataTables "extras" which are more significant software libraries which add additional features to DataTables.
-* Sorting plug-ins
+This repository holds the following plug-in types for DataTables:
+* Sorting
+ * Type based
+ * Custom data source based
+* API
+* Filtering
+ * Type based
+ * Row based
+* Internationalisation translations
+* Type detection
+* Pagination
+* Integration scripts
+ * Twitter Bootstrap
+Each directory has an index.html file which is used to generate the plug-ins documentation on []( and describes how plug-ins can be used.

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