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Responsive will automatically optimise the table's layout for different screen sizes through the dynamic column visibility control, making your tables useful on desktop and mobile screens.


To use Responsive the primary way to obtain the software is to use the DataTables downloader. You can also include the individual files from the DataTables CDN. See the documentation for full details.

NPM and Bower

If you prefer to use a package manager such as NPM or Bower, distribution repositories are available with software built from this repository under the name Styling packages for Bootstrap, Foundation and other styling libraries are also available by adding a suffix to the package name.

Please see the DataTables NPM and Bower installation pages for further information. The DataTables installation manual also has details on how to use package managers with DataTables.

Basic usage

Responsive is initialised using the responsive option in the DataTables constructor - a simple boolean true will enable the feature. Further options can be specified using this option as an object - see the documentation for details.


$(document).ready( function () {
    $('#myTable').DataTable( {
    	responsive: true
    } );
} );

Documentation / support


If you fancy getting involved with the development of Responsive and help make it better, please refer to its GitHub repo.


Responsive extension for DataTables, providing support for complex tables on all device screen sizes




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