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DataVault Project
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DataVault - A long term archive for Research Data

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A Jisc-funded project to create an archive management service for Research Data.

Funded under the 'Research at Risk' Data Spring programme between March 2015 and August 2016.


Originally developed by:

  • Tom Higgins - University of Manchester
  • Mary McDerby - University of Manchester
  • Robin Taylor - University of Edinburgh
  • Claire Knowles - University of Edinburgh
  • Stuart Lewis - University of Edinburgh

Further Information

Project website:

Email: or contact one of the individuals listed above


Installation information can be found in


Contributions to the project are very welcome! Please get in touch if you would like to contribute, or use the following mechanisms:

  • Contribute new features to the code, or fix bugs. This can be achieved by submitting a ‘pull request’ to the GitHub project. If you are developing new features, please get in touch so that we can ensure they are developed in a complimentary fashion to the main code base;
  • Try using the software in your institution – please give us your feedback!
  • Assist in the creation of documentation and instructional materials for the project.
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