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Leaflet thematic polygon (choropleth) map, with hover info window, using GeoJSON data
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Leaflet thematic polygon (choropleth) map, with hover info window, using GeoJSON data



  • This GeoJSON version is simpler for novices to understand, since they can create and join GeoJSON data file in
  • Works in iOS and Android mobile devices

Compare with


Create your own

See tutorial in the Leaflet Template section of Data Visualization for All book

####General overview of steps below

  • Join a GeoJSON polygon map with spreadsheet data
  • Modify color ranges and info box text & variables as needed
  • Upload all files to a forked or new GitHub repository, create GitHub pages branch for live web host

####Detailed steps:

  • Start with GeoJSON polygon map with no numerical data, such as: ct-towns-borders.geojson

  • Import polygon map into Simplify to reduce size as needed.

  • Export as CSV to create spreadsheet of polygon names. In this example, column header is "town"

  • Open CSV with any spreadsheet tool. Insert columns of data into the CSV sheet. Use VLOOKUP function if needed.

  • Save CSV with new name: ct-towns.csv

  • Import ct-towns.csv as second layer into

  • Use the drop-down to select the polygon map (ct-towns-borders.geojson) as the active, displayed layer.

  • Click the Console and enter command to join the CSV table to the GeoJSON polygon

    -join ct-towns.csv keys=town,town
  • Export the newly joined map with a new filename in GeoJSON format: ct-towns-density.json)

  • Change the file name suffix from .json to .geojson to avoid confusion

  • Fork this GitHub repository, or create your own, with these files (or equivalent):

    • index.html
    • script.js
    • style.css
    • ct-towns-density.geojson (the data file)
  • in index.html, adjust the reference to the data file

  • in script.js, adjust the hover info box text and references as needed

  • in script.js, Adjust the ranges with

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