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Companion app for Data Visualization Toolkit

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Flight Departures

This repository provides downloadable code for the book, "Data Visualization Toolkit"; see

These example programs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons License

To Run

This is a rails app that runs on Ruby 2.2.3. Clone the repo and run:

  • bundle install
  • bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate

Then you can follow along with the book.


  • Ch 6, "The Chord Diagram"
    • Initial setup (5bf69e6)
    • Import airports and carriers (4d8f846)
    • Import flight departures (uses git-lfs) (abe5a4a)
    • Add foreign keys to departures (44d2064)
    • Chord diagram (d102024)
    • Disjointed city pair chord diagram (60c1d65)
  • Ch 7, "Time-Series Aggregates in Postgres"
  • Ch 8, "Using a Separate Reporting Database"
    • Create reporting schema (7f14609)
    • Scenic gem and materialized view (d7168b7)
    • Bulk insert into table in reporting schema (364840a)
  • Ch 9, "Working with Geospatial Data in Rails"
    • Add PostGIS to departures app (ff68f47)
    • Shapefile import, upsert airports, update lonlat (9a07894)
  • Ch 10, "Making Maps with Leaflet and Rails"
    • Map California airports (0ee6ad5)
    • Airport marker clusters (fe86219)
    • Flight path from CEC to BLH (7ec7ef5)
  • Ch 11, "Querying Geospatial Data"
    • Find items near a point scope (2523a49)