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Detailed Destiny 2 Data provided by the Clarity team and managed by @StardustD2

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This is the live database for Clarity

Consider supporting our project through Ko-Fi to help us maintain Clarity as a free resource.

Usage of our data

  • You are allowed to use all the data in the database for smaller private projects (like a private bot for your clan) so long as you properly credit us in your project with the following:
    • The name of our project: Clarity
    • A link to our website:
    • A link to our donation page: (optional but appreciated)
    • These credits should be clearly visible and easily accessible for all users.
  • You should also refer users to our Discord Server if they have feedback to give about our tooltips:
  • If you wish to use our data in larger projects, please contact us through our Discord Server so we can discuss the specifics of the cooperation.
    • Simply open a Partner Application support ticket in #support-and-partnerships.
  • Do not modify the contents of our database on your end without clearly marking your changes. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies that this might cause.
    • If you wish to implement long-term changes to the data or its structuring, please contact us through our Discord Server before doing so.
  • Want to use our data but in a different format such as Markdown or maybe convert the used icons to the internal IDs used by your app? Join our Discord Server and we'll help you set up a converter to transform our data into a format your app can directly use.
  • The contents of the database are subject to change at any moment be it due to spelling changes or new information. We strongly suggest implementing an automatic update checker so your website/app/resource always shows the latest information available.

Our Partners

Partnerships are our form of giving you the go-ahead to implement our data into your project once we've agreed on the terms. You can learn more on our Partnerhips Page where you'll also see a list of our current partner apps.


Detailed Destiny 2 Data provided by the Clarity team and managed by @StardustD2






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