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Diveboard data publication and paper


Diveboard is an online scuba diving citizen science platform, where divers can digitize or log their dives, participate in citizen science surveys and projects, and interact with others. The Diveboard team has made some efforts to provide the species observations recorded in the platform, but this was never picked up by the biodiversity informatics community.


We want to help the Diveboard team to:

  1. Format their data according to the Darwin Core standard, a widely adopted way to share biodiversity data.
  2. Provide useful metadata for the dataset.
  3. Publish the dataset as standardized, open data.
  4. Register the dataset with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), so it can be discovered and used by anyone.

Mainly step one is documented in this repository.


The dataset has been succesfully published as a Darwin Core Archive on and is indexed by GBIF.

Data paper

A data paper on the biodiversity data published by Diveboard with the support of Datafable is currently submitted to ZooKeys for review.