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A one-day survey course of data analytics tools, techniques, and best practices aimed at managers and supervisors. The class involves a hands-on exercise with open data and is intended to build data literacy and familiarity with the analytics process, while also addressing the challenges and opportunities of doing more and better analysis in the context of city operations.

Target Audience

Employees of all levels with a need to better understand the analytics process, as well as the key tools and techniques to to bring data-driven insights to city operations.


  • Demonstrate key design thinking techniques of brainstorming and process mapping as they relate to scoping a data analytics project
  • Discuss key issues leveraging data in a large public sector organization to support operational decision-making
  • Orient participants to Microsoft Excel as a tool for data analysis
  • Practice key skills for presenting data analysis to an audience

Participant Development Areas

Conceptualizing: Guided problem ideation and process mapping for data work

Skill Development: Introduction to design thinking and basic Microsoft Excel orientation

Integrating: Synthesizing provided context into analysis

Communicating: Group presentation of work without content critique (process over product)

Language Objective: Become aware of the basic language and culture of data, as well as how it might be useful in their work at NYC Parks

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants are able to leverage design thinking approaches to scope and plan their analysis
  • Participants understand the value of telling a true and compelling story with data for operational success
  • Participants are introduced to Microsoft Excel as a tool for performing data analysis
  • Participants are practiced presenting their analysis in a group setting


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