A modular javascript framework that works alongside Datasilk Core.
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Datasilk Core JavaScript

A simple, extensible JavaScript framework

Used alongside Datasilk Core, this JavaScript framework is meant to be used by web applications as a starting point.


Either Selector, jQuery, or any functional jQuery clone.


NOTE: All features have been tested on various modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer 9 and up.


S is a global JavaScript object that is used as a "Super" object, containing a hierarchy of methods & properties used within a web application.


Access RESTful web APIs and use S.ajax.inject(data) to load content into the DOM from the JSON response of a Datasilk.Datasilk.Response web service object (found in Datasilk Core). For example:

S.ajax.post('User/GetInfo', {userId:1, details:true, layout:3}, 
	function (d) {
	function (err) {
		S.message.show('.message', 'error', S.message.error.generic);


Display an SVG spinning loader animation on the page. For example:



Display a message on the page, such as an error or confirmation message above a form. For example:

<div class="message hide"><span></span></div>
S.message.show('.message', 'error', 'Incorrect password');


Various polyfills for older web browsers, such as Element.matches, Element.matchesSelector, & requestAnimationFrame polyfills,


View a popup window above all the content on the web page. For example:

S.popup.show("New User", template_html, {offsetTop:-50, className:"new-user"});


Load HTML content on the page while replacing mustache variables & blocks with dynamic data.

For example:

<script type="text/html" id="template_element">
    <div class="element">{{title}}</div>
    <div class="field"><input type="text" value="{{value}}"></div>

    var vars = {title: "Hello", value: "World"};
    var scaffold = new S.scaffold($('#template_element).val(), vars);


Various utility functions, such as loading JavaScript & CSS files, injecting raw JavaScript code from a string, and injecting raw CSS styling from a string. For example:

S.util.css.add('bg_update', '.bg{background-color:#e0e0e0;}');


Various color functions, such as converting RGB into HEX.


Used for validating different kinds of data, such as an email address, credit card, or phone number


An accurate representation of the web browser window bounds & scroll positions.