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Page List

A vendor plugin for the Saber CMS platform that can display a list of web pages that belong to a Saber website.



For Visual Studio Users

  • Clone this repository inside your Saber project within /App/Vendors/ and name the folder PageList

    NOTE: use git clone instead of git submodule add since the contents of the Vendor folder is ignored by git

  • Run gulp default from the root of your Saber project folder

For DevOps Users

While using the latest release of Saber, do the following:

  • Download latest release of Saber.Vendors.PageList
  • Extract all files & folders from either the win-x64 or linux-x64 zip folder to Saber's /Vendors/ folder


  • run command ./publish.bat
  • publish bin/Publish/PageList.7z as latest release


To use a page list within your Saber website, log into your website and access Saber's Editor UI by pressing the Esc key. Then, within your webpage html file, add the following example:

{{page-list path:"", length:"4"}}

This will display a vertical list of webpages that your users can navigate to.


property required default description
path true "" The relative path after /App/Content/pages/ to load webpages from
length false "10" The amount of webpages to display in the list before showing paging buttons at the bottom of the list
recursive false "true" Recurse through subfolders to find even more webpages to load into the list
container-file false "/Vendor/PageList/container.html" Relative path to the View used to load the container of the entire list, which includes optional paging buttons
item-file false "/Vendor/PageList/page.html" Relative path to the View used to load each item in the list of webpages.

Custom Layout

Use the container-file and item-file properties to specify your own html template used to render the list of webpages.

Below is a list of variables you can add to your html template to display information about the each webpage within the item-file.

variable description
{{url}} The relative path to the webpage, which can be used within an anchor link, e.g. <a href="{{url}}"></a>
{{title}} Title of the webpage (without a prefix or suffix)
{{description}} A short summary of the webpage
{{thumb}} Thumbnail image associated with the webpage
{{author}} The full name of the user who created the webpage
{{date-created}} The MM/d/yyyy that the page was created

Below is a list of html variables used for loading the page list & paging buttons within the container-file.

variable description
{{id}} A unique ID used to identify the list when calling paging functions
{{list}} Replaced with the rendered list of web pages
{{has-prev}} {{/has-prev}} Used to show/hide the previous paging button
{{has-next}} {{/has-next}} Used to show/hide the next paging button
{{paging-prev}} a JavaScript function used to load the previous list of pages
{{paging-next}} a JavaScript function used to load the next list of pages

Developed by Mark Entingh, who is the creator of Saber and Datasilk.


A vendor plugin for Saber that can display a list of web pages that belong to a Saber website.



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