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Datera Glance Repository

Datera Glance Image Backend Driver

Datera Glance Image Backend Driver Versions
OpenStack Release Driver Tag/Branch Name Driver Version Capabilities Introduced Supported Datera Product Versions
Master v2018.11.12.0 2018.11.12.0 Fixed bug that broke support for v2.1 API-only versions of the product 2.2.X, 3.X+
Master v2018.7.18.0 2018.7.18.0 Ported driver to Datera Python-SDK, changed initiators to be created within a tenant rather than inherited from the root tenant. Changed naming convention to OS-IMAGE-<image-id> 2.2.X, 3.X+
Master v2018.4.19.0 2018.4.19.0 Switched to date-based versioning scheme 2.2.X, 3.X+
Master v1.0.6 1.0.6 Fixed deletion to fail gracefully. Removed unused constant 2.1.X, 2.2.X, 3.X+
Master v1.0.5 1.0.5 Rewrite of copy_image_to_vol to fix issues with copying images to volumes 2.1.X, 2.2.X, 3.X+
Master v1.0.2 1.0.2 Added datera_glance_rootwrap_path StrOpt and fixed bug related to minimum volume size 2.1.X, 2.2.X, 3.X+
Master v1.0.1 1.0.1 Bugfix for trace_id AttributeError 2.1.X, 2.2.X, 3.X+
Master v1.0.0 1.0.0 Initial Driver 2.1.X, 2.2.X

Volume Driver Glance-Api.conf Options

Description of Datera Glance backend driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
datera_san_ip = None (REQUIRED) (String) Datera EDF hostname/IP Address
datera_san_login = None (REQUIRED) (String) Datera EDF username/login
datera_san_password = None (REQUIRED) (String) Datera EDF username/login
datera_san_port = 7718 (Int) Datera EDF connection port (7717 for http, 7718 for https)
datera_tenant_id = /root (String) Datera tenant id/name under which images should be stored
datera_replica_count = 3 (String) Number of replicas for created volumes
datera_placement_mode = hybrid (String) 'single_flash' for single-flash-replica placement, 'all_flash' for all-flash-replica placement, 'hybrid' for hybrid placement
datera_chunk_size = 1073741824 (Int) Chunk size (in bytes) used for reading and writing to backing volumes. Larger chunk sized will use more memory, but will potentially write and read faster


  • Install the driver

    Copy the contents of src into /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/glance_store/_drivers/

  • Install the Datera Python-SDK

    sudo pip install -e git+

  • Update the StrCfg in Modify the following in glance_store/

           choices=('file', 'filesystem', 'http', 'https', 'swift',
                    'swift+http', 'swift+https', 'swift+config', 'rbd',
                    'sheepdog', 'cinder', 'vsphere'),   # <-- add 'datera'
  • Modify entry_points.txt

    This file is located in the ".egg" directory for the installation of glance_store. It could be located in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/glance_store-X.XX.X.dist-info/entry_points.txt

    If the following line is not present in entry_points.txt, go ahead and add it under [glance_store.drivers]:

    • datera = glance_store._drivers.datera:Store

    This step is unecessary if the driver was obtained from the glance_store upstream repository

  • Modify glance-api.conf

    Under [glance_store] modify the following values: stores = datera or if other stores should still be available add it to the list stores = file,datera

    If Datera should be the default image store modify the default_store value to: default_store = datera. There can only be one default store.

    Additionally set the required datera config options under [glance_store]

    • datera_san_ip
    • datera_san_login
    • datera_san_password

    If Datera is going to be used with a non /root tenant, then set - datera_tenant_id Under [glance_store] as well

  • Setup rootwrap

    If no rootwrap.conf or rootwrap.d exists, copy the contents of the etc/glance directory into the system's /etc/glance. If these files aleady exist, add the images.filters file to the /etc/glance/rootwrap.d/ directory

  • Restart the glance-api service


Glance Backend Driver For Datera EDF




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