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Datical DB integration for Concourse
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Datical DB integration for Concourse

You can see a short demonstration video of Concourse and Datical DB here.

To integrate Datical DB in your existing Concourse installation:

  1. Download datical_package.yml and credentials.yml to the machine where Fly is installed.
  2. Edit the datical_package.yml and credentials.yml to reflect your environment. Specifically, update credentials.yml to reflect your credentials and the IP address of your Git location. Also, update datical_package.yml to reflect the IP address of your Datical Monitoring Console server. Look for the "curl" call to find it.
  3. Issue the following command: fly -t main set-pipeline -p datical -c datical_package.yml -l credentials.yml
  4. In the Concourse Web UI, unpause the new datical pipeline and select the + button to request a new release.

For support, questions, comments, and compliments, please contact as at and on Twitter @Datical.

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