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import datomic.Peer;
import static datomic.Peer.query;
conn = News.newTutorialConnection();
dbval = conn.db();
// use the default partition for data
tempid = { Peer.tempid(':db.part/user') }
// add some products
products = ['Expensive Chocolate', 'Cheap Whisky'].collect {
[':product/description': it,
':db/id': tempid()]
productQuery = '''[:find [?e ...]
:in $ ?v
:where [?e :product/description ?v]]''';
(chocolate, whisky) = ['Expensive Chocolate', 'Cheap Whisky'].collect {
query(productQuery, conn.db(), it).get(0);
order = [[':order/lineItems': [[':lineItem/product': chocolate,
':lineItem/quantity': 1,
':lineItem/price': 48.00,
':orderSystem/note': 'please send original packaging'],
[':lineItem/product': whisky,
':lineItem/quantity': 2,
':lineItem/price': 38.00]],
':db/id': tempid()]];
db = conn.db();
ordersByProductQuery = '''[:find [?e ...]
:in $ ?productDesc
:where [?e :order/lineItems ?item]
[?item :lineItem/product ?prod]
[?prod :product/description ?productDesc]]''';
// qfirste = query for first entity, finds first matching entity
qfirste = { q, db, Object[] more ->
db.entity(query(q, db, *more).get(0))
// lookup the order we just made
order = qfirste(ordersByProductQuery, db, 'Expensive Chocolate');
// will recursively touch line items, but not products
// meh, cancel that order
conn.transact([[":db.fn/retractEntity", order[":db/id"]]]).get();
db = conn.db();
// all the line items are now gone
query('''[:find (count ?e)
:where [?e :order/lineItems]]''',
// but the products remain
query('''[:find (count ?e)
:where [?e :product/description]]''',