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;; Copyright (c) Cognitect, Inc.
;; All rights reserved.
(ns cognitect.xform.batch
[clojure.core.async :as a :refer (<! <!! >! >!! close! go go-loop thread timeout)]
[clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[clojure.string :as str]
[cognitect.anomalies :as anom]
[cognitect.xform.async :refer (drain)]
[datomic.client.api.async :as d]))
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
;; Datomic semantic helpers
(s/fdef reverse?
:args (s/cat :attr keyword?)
:ret boolean?)
(defn reverse?
"Is the attribute name a reverse attribute lookup?"
(str/starts-with? (name attr) "_"))
;; Batch helpers
(defn tx-data->batches
"Returns a transducer that batches data, returning a ::batch
identified by its tx-attr value"
[batch-size tx-attr prefix]
(let [counter (atom 0)
next-id (fn [] {:db/id "datomic.tx"
tx-attr (str prefix "-" (swap! counter inc))})]
(partition-all batch-size)
(map (fn [data] {:batch-ident (next-id) :data data})))))
(defn filter-batches
[batch-id-attr remove-batch-ids]
(remove #(contains? remove-batch-ids (get-in % [:batch-ident batch-id-attr]))))
(defn already-transacted
"Returns the set of values for batch-id-attr already in the database,
or an anomaly map"
[conn batch-id-attr]
(->> (d/q {:query '[:find ?v
:in $ ?batch-id-attr
:where [_ ?batch-id-attr ?v]]
:limit -1
:args [(d/db conn) batch-id-attr]})
(halt-when ::anom/category)
(map #(map first %)))
(defn create-backoff
"Returns a backoff function that will return increasing backoffs from
start up to end, multiplying by factor"
[start end factor]
(let [a (atom (/ start factor))]
#(swap! a (fn [x] (let [nxt (* x factor)]
(min nxt end))))))
(defn busy?
(or (= ::anom/busy (::anom/category resp))
(= ::anom/unavailable (::anom/category resp))
(and (= ::anom/fault (::anom/category resp))
(do (prn resp) (print "F") (flush) true))
(#{429 503} (:datomic.client/http-error-status resp))))
(defn retrying
"Retries f, a channel returning fn, using backoff to retry. Puts result on ch
and closes ch"
[f backoff ch]
(go-loop []
(let [res (<! (f))]
(if (busy? res)
(let [msec (backoff)]
(print "B") (flush)
(if msec
(<! (timeout msec))
(doto ch (>! res) close!)))
(doto ch (>! res) close!)))))
(defn transact-batch*
[conn {:keys [batch-ident data]} timeout]
(let [result (<! (d/transact conn {:tx-data (cons batch-ident data) :timeout timeout}))]
(if (= ::anom/conflict (::anom/category result))
(print "C") (flush)
{:tx-data nil})
(defn transact-batch
"Creates a transducer from tx-data to tx-result"
[conn timeout]
(fn [batch]
(let [ch (a/chan 1)]
#(transact-batch* conn batch timeout)
(create-backoff 100 30000 2)
(<!! ch)))))
(defn load-parallel
"Loads batches from ch onto conn with parallelism n. Returns
a channel that will get a map with :txes and :datoms counts
or an anomaly. Drains and closes ch if an error is encountered."
([n conn tx-timeout ch]
(load-parallel n conn tx-timeout (a/chan n) ch))
([n conn tx-timeout tx-result-ch ch]
(transact-batch conn tx-timeout)
(halt-when ::anom/category (fn [result bad-input]
(drain tx-result-ch)
(drain ch)
(assoc bad-input :completed result)))
(completing (fn [m {:keys [tx-data]}]
(-> m (update :txes inc) (update :datoms + (count tx-data)))))
{:txes 0 :datoms 0}