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;; Copyright (c) Metadata Partners, LLC. All rights reserved.
;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
;; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
;; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
;; the terms of this license.
;; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(use 'simulant.examples.repl)
(use '
(require '[ :as trading])
(def sim-uri (str "datomic:mem://" (d/squuid)))
(def sim-conn (reset-conn sim-uri))
;; generic simulation schema
(load-schema sim-conn "simulant/schema.edn")
;; schema for this specific sim
(load-schema sim-conn "simulant/examples/trading-sim.edn")
;; schema for system under test (reused by sim)
(load-schema sim-conn "simulant/examples/trading.edn")
;; model for this sim
(def model-id (d/tempid :model))
(def trading-model-data
[{:db/id model-id
:model/type :model.type/trading
:model/traderCount 100
:model/meanTradeAmount 100
:model/initialBalance 1000
:model/meanHoursBetweenTrades 1}])
(def trading-model
(-> @(d/transact sim-conn trading-model-data)
(tx-ent model-id)))
;; activity for this sim
(def trading-test (sim/create-test sim-conn trading-model
{:db/id (d/tempid :test)
:test/duration (hours->msec 4)}))
;; sim
(def trading-sim (sim/create-sim sim-conn trading-test {:db/id (d/tempid :sim)
:sim/systemURI (str "datomic:mem://" (d/squuid))
:sim/processCount 10}))
;; codebase for the sim
(defn assoc-codebase-tx [entities]
(let [codebase (gen-codebase)
cid (:db/id codebase)]
(mapv #(assoc {:db/id (:db/id %)} :source/codebase cid) entities))))
(d/transact sim-conn (assoc-codebase-tx [trading-test trading-sim]))
;; action log for this sim
(def action-log
(sim/create-action-log sim-conn trading-sim))
;; clock for this sim
(def sim-clock (sim/create-fixed-clock sim-conn trading-sim {:clock/multiplier 960}))
;; run the processes for this sim
;; at scale each process would have its own box
(def pruns
(->> #(sim/run-sim-process sim-uri (:db/id trading-sim))
(repeatedly (:sim/processCount trading-sim))
(into [])))
;; wait for sim to finish
(mapv (fn [prun] @(:runner prun)) pruns))
;; grab latest database values so we can validate each of the steps above
(def simdb (d/db sim-conn))
(def traderdb (d/db (d/connect (:sim/systemURI trading-sim))))
;; make sure count of actions seems reasonable
(def actions
(->> (d/q '[:find ?action
:in $ ?test
[?test :test/agents ?agent]
[?agent :agent/actions ?action]]
simdb (:db/id trading-test))
(map first)))
(count actions)
;; check the actions
(def action-amounts
(->> (d/q '[:find ?amount ?action
:in $ ?test
[?test :test/agents ?agent]
[?agent :agent/actions ?action]
[?action :action/type :action.type/trade]
[?action :transfer/amount ?amount]]
simdb (:db/id trading-test))
(map first)))
(count action-amounts)
(mean action-amounts)
;; check the trades
(def trade-amounts
(->> (d/q '[:find ?amount ?tx
:in $ ?test
[?tx :transfer/amount ?amount]
[?tx :db/txInstant]]
traderdb (:db/id trading-test))
(map first)))
(count trade-amounts)
(mean trade-amounts)
;; check the traders and their balances
(def trader-ids (find-all-by traderdb :trader/id))
(count trader-ids)
(def trader-balances
(->> trader-ids
(map (fn [[e]] (:db/id e)))
(map (partial trading/balance traderdb))))
(assert (= 100000 (apply + trader-balances)))
;; sim written in hopes that balances will not go negative
;; but they might, because system under test does not check!
(filter neg? trader-balances)
;; test nonfunctional requirements, e.g. some metric on trade times
(def rules
'[[[actionTime ?sim ?actionType ?action ?nsec]
[?test :test/sims ?sim]
[?test :test/agents ?agent]
[?agent :agent/actions ?action]
[?action :action/type ?actionType]
[?log :actionLog/action ?action]
[?log :actionLog/sim ?sim]
[?log :actionLog/nsec ?nsec]]])
;; count of trade times should match count of trades
(assert (= (count actions)
(count (d/q '[:find ?nsec
:with ?action
:in $ % ?sim ?action-type
:where (actionTime ?sim ?action-type ?action ?nsec)]
simdb rules (:db/id trading-sim) :action.type/trade))))
(def mean-trade-time-msec
(-> (d/q '[:find (avg ?nsec)
:with ?action
:in $ % ?sim ?action-type
:where (actionTime ?sim ?action-type ?action ?nsec)]
simdb rules (:db/id trading-sim) :action.type/trade)
(/ 1000 1000)))
;; This could make much more sophisticated use of statistics.
;; And, because the work is against a database, not a live
;; test, increased sophistication could be brought to bear
;; at any time.
(assert (< mean-trade-time-msec 20))
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