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Tests are specific, detailed activity stream generated from Models. A test consists of Agents, each of whom undertakes a serial sequence of Actions.

Where models describe activity in very general terms ("we expect the users to fall into five typical patterns of use"), tests instantiate this activity in great detail ("3017 seconds into the sim, power user 22 will try to reset her password.")

Most attributes of a test are domain-specific, but the Simulant schema does define a few attributes common to all tests:

  • :test/duration tells how long the test will run
  • :test/agents refers to all the agents used in the test
  • :test/sims refers to all sims run from the test
  • :test/type drives the create-sim multimethod


The hello world example generates a test from the model. As it is a minimal example, the test has only one kind of actor (trader) who performs only one kind of action (trade).