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Dav's cogs for Red. If you find a bug or want to request a feature, please open an issue on github.

Cog Description
altmarker Mark a user's alt accounts as belonging together and get alerted when they join or leave.
anonreporter Anonymous version of the core reports cog.
autoroler Assign roles to users when they join.
Set a bot status that stays on reboot.This cog will save your bot status settings (if you use the dedicated command) and apply them on bot startup or reboot.
A different approach to [p]casesforFor some users it might be inconvenient to have to click through a menu of cases when using the [p]casesfor command. Casereader sends a list of all cases linked to a user when the [p]read command is used.
caserelayer Send modlog cases to a user.
Make roles "truly" exclusive.Allows you to set 2 roles exclusive to each other. That way, when a user is being assigned a new role, the old role which is exclusive with the new role will be removed.
httpcat Get cute http kitties courtesy of
joinflag Put a note on a user which will be displayed when they join your guild.
Sync a minecraft server whitelist with discord.Members of your discord can add themselves to the whitelist by running [p]whitelister add <minecraft_name>. When they leave the discord their whitelist is automatically removed. This cog uses Minecraft RCON to communicate with your server.
modlogstats Find out how often each modlog casetype has been used in your modlog. This cog uses multithreading. Use at your own risk.
mover Massmove members from one voicechannel to another.
Nicknaming tools.Allow your moderators to set a predefined nickname quickly, change a user's nickname using a command, freeze a user's nickname or temporarily change it for a predefined amount of time. Every action can also generate a modlog entry.
prunecmd Introduces a command to prune the member list.
rolesyncer Sync roles within a guild
Automatic voicechannel generation and private voice and text channels.
- Automated voicechannel creation
- Private voicechannels

- Private textchannels
Make a member sticky and have them keep all their roles, even when leaving your guild.Ever had a member leave and rejoin frequently so you had to give them back all their roles? Me neither, but someone else did. So I made this. Any member saved to the cog will retain all their roles when they rejoin the server.
Add a safety barrier to your discord server and require users to run a command before accessing the server.Before being able to access your server, users need to run the command [p]verify. You can either achieve this by having a member role and revoking read/write access to all channels for @ everyone or by choosing to deny all permissions to a "Verification role". Members need to be able to type in a channel of your guild to be able to verify themselves. This could be a hidden channel. This cog requires setup with [p]verifyerset and relies on users having their DMs open for the bot.


To add these cogs to your RedBot, first add the repo by running
[p]repo add Dav-cogs

Then, install the cogs by running [p]cog install Dav-cogs <name_of_cog>

And load them with [p]load <name_of_cog>


You can get support in the #support_othercogs channel on the official Cog support server
Visit my own server for quicker responses: Dav-Server
Cogs not listed above will NOT work on your bot.
You can find other approved repos on the Red Index.


Want to help out with translating or developing these cogs?
Please check here for translation instructions and here for contribution guidelines.


Thanks to Draper for helping with exclusiveroles.
Thanks to Jack for supplying the code used to pull the end_user_data_statement into the __init__.pys.
Also a big thank you to everyone in the coding channel on the support discord for your help along the way.


Some of my cogs store end user data.
You can find info on this data by using the [p]mydata 3rdparty command.

For questions, feel free to contact me as described at the top.