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dnotify is an abstraction of libnotify for the D programming language.



Just compile your sources with dnotify.d and deimos.notify.notify.d and you can use it. External libraries are automatically linked in with pragma(lib, …), you can disable this with the -version=NoPragma switch. Furthermore there is a -version=NoGdk switch, which will disable the support for loading images from the filesystem with Notification.set_image, but it also removes the libgdk_pixbuf dependency.


dnotify takes care of calling the libnotify initializer and finalizer. The application name is by default "dnotify.d", to change this, call set_app_name(in char[] name).

To create a notification bubble you have to instantiate the Notification class. The Notification class is an abstraction of NotifyNotification.

auto n = new Notification("headline/summary", "body", "icon");

A list of available icons can be found here or in /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/status. Instead of passing one of the predefined icons you can also pass a full path to a .sqv/.png/.jpg. If the path or name does not exist an empty notification bubble is displayed.

To display the notification you have to call the .show() method.

auto n = new Notification("headline/summary", "body", "icon");

Possible errors in .show, .close and .set_image are translated into D exceptions and will throw a NotificationError exception.

Beside the NotifyNotification abstraction dnotify also provides an abstraction for the Notification API. It also takes care of freeing the allocated objects from libnotify.

More on how to use libnotify.


Notification.set_image currently results in a segmentation fault.