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AABB from_points does not work as expected #23

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The initial min/max vectors might not be part of the minimal AABB containing the provided points.


I am not sure if I understand what you mean, can you provide me an example?



AABB aabb = AABB.from_points([vec3(1, 1, 1), vec3(2, 2, 2)]);

results in having the value [1, 1, 1], where it should have been [1.5, 1.5, 1.5].

I temporarily fixed it using the following code instead:

static AABBT from_points(vec3[] points) {
    AABBT res;

    res.min = res.max = points[0];

    foreach(v; points[1 .. $]) {

    return res;
@Dav1dde Dav1dde added a commit that referenced this issue
@Dav1dde Fix issue #23 b6391e3

Thank you very much, I hopefully fixed it. Since I don't have access to a compiler right now, it would be great if you could report back!


It compiles and works like it's supposed to :-)

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