THIS REPOSITORY IS DEAD - Lumen is part of Kate, it can be found on the kate git repository
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THIS REPOSITORY IS DEAD - Lumen is a part of Kate/Kdevelop now and maintained on the official git server

Lumen is a KTextEditor autocompletion plugin for the D programming language, which works e.g. in Kate or KDevelop.



Import Completion


Variable Completion Function Completion




You need to install DCD, add dcd-client and dcd-server to your $PATH.

Furthermore on some systems you need the development packages of KDE. If you're running Fedora this would be kdelibs-devel and for Debian like systems kdelibs-dev.

Afterwards run the following commands:

git clone git://
mkdir lumen/build
cd lumen/build
cmake ../lumen
make install

Now you should be able to enable the Plugin in Kate, like this:

Settings -> Configure Kate -> Editor Component/Extensions

in KDevelop:

Settings -> Configure Editor -> Extensions

Include Paths

Either add your include paths to ~/.config/dcd/dcd.conf or create a .lumenconfig file and add the paths to it. Every line represents another include path. For every opened file lumen tries to read a .lumenconfig in every folder up to this file.

E.g. for the file /home/foo/projects/lumen/test/foo.d/, lumen will try to read a .lumenconfig file in these folders:


This is not perfect but works pretty well.

DCD Server

Lumen tries to start a dcd-server on port 9166 (default) if that fails, it simply assumes the server is already running. That means you can have your own dcd-server running, since lumen will only shutdown servers which were started by the plugin on unload.

I personally recommend you to start your own dcd-server instance, since a fresh dcd-server startup, which adds several include paths like Phobos/druntime, takes quite some time. Until the server finished processing all include paths, it doesn't respond to completion requests. A not responding completion server slows down the editor and doesn't show any completion tooltips. My .xinitrc has this entry, to start the dcd-server together with X:

dcd-server >~/.dcd.log 2>&1 &

Also I recommend to add Phobos and druntime to your ~/.config/dcd/dcd.conf. This makes sure you get completions instantly after starting KTextEditor, Kate oder KDevelop.