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MD5 and SHA-1 hash decrypter in Python
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*** Quick Summary ***
Decrypts MD5 and SHA-1 hashes up to 6 characters long. (the original string that was hashed is 6 characters or less)
Do not allow numbers or uppercase unless necessary. Time taken will increase greatly.

*** How do I get a hash to decrypt? ***
What you want to decrypt is up to you. However, these two hashes are quite widely used across the web.
If you want to hash something in python simply type:

import hashlib
hashlib.sha1('<text you want to hash>').hexdigest() # for sha1
hashlib.md5('<text you want to hash>').hexdigest() # for md5

These are built-in python libraries and do not require this program to use.
The resulting function(the md5 one) will give something you along the lines of: '187ef4436122d1cc2f40dc2b92f0eba0'
Copy the text/numbers only, not the '' marks and paste it in to this program when asked.
This is a simple hash that can be solved quickly, try it out!

*** Contact ***
I'm open to any feature suggestions/bug reports so feel free to contact me.

*** Latest Updates (2/17/12)***
- Performance improvements (thanks to wernight)!
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