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import struct
import time
import sys
import optparse
from StringIO import StringIO
import serial
from PyCRC.CRC16 import CRC16
from jeenet.system.flash import FlashInterface, log
import jeenet.system.bencode as bencode
from jeenet.system.intelhex import convert
import flash_io
from flash_io import Scheduler, Chain
from jeenet.system import core
core.verbose = False
class Flash(FlashInterface):
api = []
flash_flag = 0x0800
ack_flag = 0x8000
fmt_header = "<BBH"
id = 0
def make_id(): += 1
if > 255: = 1
def __init__(self, serdev="/dev/ttyUSB0"):
self.s = serial.Serial(serdev, 57600, timeout=0.1, xonxoff=0, rtscts=0)
self.dev_id = 0xaa
# serial port seems to lose the first char?
def make_raw(self, flags, fields, msg_id=None):
# fields as [ (bit_mask, fmt, value), ... ] in binary order
mid = msg_id or Flash.make_id()
mask = flags
args = ""
for bit, fmt, value in fields:
if bit:
args += struct.pack(fmt, value)
mask |= bit
raw = struct.pack(self.fmt_header, mid, self.dev_id, mask)
return mid, raw + args
def tx_message(self, mid, raw, name, flags):
#print mid, `raw`, name, flags
self.s.write(bencode.encode([ self.dev_id, raw ]))
def read(self):
msg = ""
while True:
c =
if not c:
msg += c
if not msg:
return None
node, raw = self.parse(msg)
return self.flash_to_info(raw)
def parse(self, msg):
# Bencode parse the response
class G:
def __init__(self, msg):
self.msg = msg
self.i = 0
def get(self):
i = self.i
self.i += 1
return self.msg[i]
g = G(msg)
parser = bencode.Parser(g.get)
node, raw = parser.get()
return node, raw
class Command:
lut = {}
def __init__(self, rid, fn, *args):
self.rid = rid
self.fn = fn
self.args = args
self.done = False
def nowt(*args):
print "callback not set", args
self.set_ack_nak(nowt, nowt)
Command.add(rid, self)
#def __repr__(self):
# return "%s %s" % (self.fn, self.args)
def make_cb(self, fn):
def xack(info):
if self.done:
return xack
def set_ack_nak(self, ack, nak):
#print nak
if ack:
self.ack = self.make_cb(ack)
if nak:
self.nak = self.make_cb(nak)
def __call__(self):
self.fn(self.rid, *self.args)
def add(rid, cmd):
Command.lut[rid] = cmd
def remove(self):
if Command.lut.get(self.rid):
#print "remove", self
del Command.lut[self.rid]
self.done = True
return True
return False
def on_reply(rid, info):
cmd = Command.lut.get(rid)
#print cmd, rid, info
if cmd:
def on_timeout(self):
print "timeout", self
def respond(self, info, cmd):
if info.get("cmd") == cmd:
class InfoReq(Command):
def __init__(self, flash, rid, ack=None, nak=None):
Command.__init__(self, rid, flash.flash_info_req)
sched.add(60, self.on_timeout)
self.set_ack_nak(ack, nak)
def reply(self, info):
self.respond(info, "info")
class CrcReq(Command):
def __init__(self, flash, rid, addr, size, ack=None, nak=None):
Command.__init__(self, rid, flash.flash_crc_req, addr, size)
sched.add(60, self.on_timeout)
self.set_ack_nak(ack, nak)
def reply(self, info):
self.respond(info, "crc")
class WriteReq(Command):
def __init__(self, flash, rid, addr, data, ack=None, nak=None):
Command.__init__(self, rid, flash.flash_write, addr, data, False)
sched.add(60, self.on_timeout)
self.set_ack_nak(ack, nak)
def reply(self, info):
self.respond(info, "written")
class Handler:
def __init__(self):
self.f = Flash()
self.dead = False
def make_id():
return Flash.make_id()
def info_req(self, ack, nak=None):
rid = Handler.make_id()
n = nak or self.kill
InfoReq(self.f, rid, ack=ack, nak=n)()
def crc_req(self, ack, addr, size, nak=None):
rid = Handler.make_id()
n = nak or self.kill
CrcReq(self.f, rid, addr, size, ack=ack, nak=n)()
def write_req(self, ack, addr, data, nak=None):
rid = Handler.make_id()
n = nak or self.kill
WriteReq(self.f, rid, addr, data, ack=ack, nak=n)()
def poll(self):
info =
if info:
flash = info.get("flash")
if flash:
Command.on_reply(flash.get("rid"), flash)
def kill(self, *args):
print "KILL"
self.dead = True
def chain(self, ack):
if ack:
print "Done"
self.dead = True
def write(self, start_addr, data, ack=None):
c = CRC16()
total_crc = c.calculate(data)
print "writing", len(data), "bytes at", start_addr, "crc", "%04X" % total_crc
def on_crc(info):
#print "%04X" % info.get("crc")
if info.get("crc") == total_crc:
if info.get("addr") == start_addr:
if info.get("size") == len(data):
print "Verified %04X" % total_crc
print "Bad CRC", "%04" % info.get("crc"), "expected %04X" % total_crc
self.dead = True
def validate():
self.crc_req(on_crc, start_addr, len(data))
def make_ack(addr, size, crc, data):
def on_written(info):
if info.get("crc") == crc:
if info.get("addr") == addr:
if info.get("size") == size:
if requests.done():
print "Error writing block, try again"
def dave(*args):
raise Exception(*args), on_written, addr, data, nak=dave)
return on_written
def on_info(info):
blocks = info.get("blocks")
size = info.get("size")
packet = info.get("packet")
total = blocks * size
if not total:
print "No Flash Found"
self.dead = True
# chop the data up into packet sized blocks
for addr in range(0, len(data), packet):
d = data[addr:addr+packet]
c = CRC16()
crc = c.calculate(d)
write_addr = addr + start_addr
ack = make_ack(write_addr, len(d), crc, d), ack, write_addr, d)
requests = Chain()
if __name__ == "__main__":
p = optparse.OptionParser()
p.add_option("-d", "--dev", dest="dev")
p.add_option("-a", "--addr", dest="addr", type="int")
p.add_option("-s", "--slot", dest="slot", type="int")
p.add_option("-f", "--fname", dest="fname")
p.add_option("-n", "--name", dest="name")
p.add_option("-D", "--dir", dest="dir", action="store_true")
p.add_option("-V", "--verify", dest="verify", action="store_true")
p.add_option("-R", "--read", dest="read", action="store_true")
p.add_option("-W", "--write", dest="write", action="store_true")
opts, args = p.parse_args()
handler = Handler()
sched = Scheduler()
#filename = ""
#filename = "../arduino/sketchbook/blink/build-uno/blink.hex"
#filename = "../arduino/sketchbook/radio_relay/build-uno/radio_relay.hex"
filename = opts.fname
if filename.endswith(".hex"):
print "Convert from IntelHex"
io = StringIO()
convert(filename, io, False)
data = io.getvalue()
data = open(filename).read()
addr = opts.addr
slotno = opts.slot
c = CRC16()
crc = c.calculate(data)
name = "slot_%03d" % slotno
if slotno == 0:
name = "BOOTDATA"
name =
if opts.write:
assert addr, "Must set address"
if not opts.slot is None:
slot = struct.pack("<8sLHH", name, addr, len(data), crc)
def on_written(*args):
print "Writing slot", slotno, name
handler.write(0, slot)
on_written = None
handler.write(addr, data, ack=on_written)
while not handler.dead: