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Virtual IVR Assistant using AWS Lambda and Twilio
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A cloud-based personal digital assistant using AWS Lambda and Twilio for serverless IVR.

This is currently in "Part 1" status where Phoebe will answer the phone, record a voicemail, and send you an SMS with the voicemail.

Overview Diagram

Part 2 will be incorporating a DynamoDB contact database and forwarding callers in real-time if they make the cut!


Please see the detailed step by step instructions at

#Test Suite You'll need Node.js (4.6 or better) installed as well as mocha test suite

type the "mocha" command to run the test suite


  ✓ exports handler

  ✓ exports handler
event { RecordingUrl: '',
  CallerName: 'DAVE COLLINS' }
(handler) recording_url:
  ✓ does not crash (149ms)

  ✓ is a function
  ✓ concatenates filename

#Issues Feel free to raise an issue on Github with questions, or fork and raise a Pull Request if you'd like to make changes.

I would especially welcome any help on the mocha testing side! Would love to stub out the S3 calls and have some real tests in here

#Recommended Reading

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